#NeverX and the Boycott of Information

It is a dark time for world politics.  And in related behaviors I see something familiar.

Nihilistic tendencies ... defined for this exercise as a readiness to burn down institutions and/or abandon long-held ideals ... have led a minority of Republican voters (many claiming to be liberty-minded conservatives, even) to support an authoritarian left-leaning nationalist who has repeatedly demonstrated ignorance of and resistance to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, and who most on both sides agree will be an economic disaster.  This proto-fascist is somehow thought to be the cure to left-leaning authoritarian anti-Constitutional *inter*nationalists as represented by the opposing party which, but for behind-the-scenes machinations, almost nominated a Soviet socialist to further carry its banner in the presidential race, but instead chose an unjailed criminal.

Beyond Trump and Sanders there is the Brexit.  In effect, the United Kingdom has fallen victim to the same sort of behavior, voting to cut ties altogether to an organization with which they had a noted autonomy rather than continue the dream of a united European hegemony, even after the assassination of one of their politicians by a British version of a Trump supporter and even knowing that their economy would suffer.

A significant behavior related to this sort of thing is the rise of the "never" hashtag.  I myself am #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, hitting the trifecta with #NeverJohnson.  And yet what I have seen on all sides is a willingness to boycott opposing voices.

Now, in some cases, this makes sense, as when a trusted voice suddenly changes and breaks that trust.  For instance, former conservative American radio and television personality Sean Hannity has been such a sucker for Trump that some have referred to him as Seanica Hanninsky, given his sudden willingness to ignore basically everything including his own past statements, feed conservative-sounding answers to Trump live on-air, and so on.  I listen to talk radio from all sides a good bit and, while I always viewed Hannity as a dullard with little sense and even less humor, I never would have suspected his complete fascistic nationalist turn.  Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh has similarly abandoned conservatism explicitly and supported Trump based on a desire to defeat Democrat Party mwmbers.  As a result, I'd rather turn on dead air than listen to those TrumpCucks.

But often, I have seen people express a willingness to boycott or even seek to destroy any opposing voice, even allies, if the line is inadequately towed.  That is all too familiar a behavior to those familiar with StarDestroyer.Net.

I, for one, listen to and read all points of view, even when it makes me yell at the radio or screen.  (I admit to not having exposed myself to as much leftist nonsense lately, but that's because Trump supporters are close enough, and have required much time.)

It just ian't a good idea to isolate and insulate yourself.  And yet, as media continues to fragment, I suspect this will only get worse, nationally-speaking.  I submit, however, that it isn't even a good idea on this still-sillier-and-more-useless-than-Election-2016 topic.

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