Inside Baseball Follow-up

Almost two years ago I said:

 "A few years ago I had a Drupal version up and running, but the image handling at the time was so poor that the idea of actually converting the existing 200 pages over to it was a nightmare, and it never went any further. The new logo was kinda neat, though . . . maybe at some point I can even find it and show it to you."


In the grand scheme it is hardly revolutionary, but for me it was a stylistic departure insofar as the font treatment went, one that managed to work out pretty kickass, albeit perhaps not the most original-est thing ever.

 Anyway, I prefer to keep promises, even if it is something like 22 months later.


My Force Awakens Review

... doesn't exist yet, because, in the fine tradition of my not bothering to see Star Trek: Into Darkness for five months, I took the rare opportunity a couple nights ago to see a film in a theater by going to see The Martian instead.  Great picture!  The classroom ending could've been skipped, but all in all it was remarkably good, even if I had quibbles with the realism at times.

As for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the issue I have, as noted previously (1, 2, 3), is that just as JJ-Trek isn't related to the Trek universe of TOS, TNG, et al., the new Disney universe isn't the same universe as that of Lucas.  I consider this to basically be Vector Prime insofar as events mattering to the original universe or being worthy of analysis.


SMoST: Wheels

If I had the kind of time I did in the old days, I would do an in-depth article about vehicle suspension and handling design uaing the Nemesis dune buggy as example / whipping boy that would constitute a primer of sorts, bringing together sci-fi nerdistry and gearheads / petrolheads.

The Argo buggy is in many ways a real throwback.  Before you assign that statement a level of obviousness with a rank of Captain or above, consider it beyond the mere notion of a dune buggy on Star Trek, or a modern-speed dune buggy with such a huge, obvious engine compartment in the same movie as a lapel-pin transporter device, or the floppy phaser cannon, or the lack of enclosed crew cabin or even windshield, necessitating safety glasses for probably the first time in Trek.


Anti-Anti-Vaxxer Wisdom

Sorry I haven't been around.   Unlike last year's announced end-of-year hiatus, this year's required extra real-world time snuck up on me.

But I couldn't help but post when I chanced upon some things which, while technically unrelated, smacked me as all-too familiar.


New Trek

My interest in the news of the new show peaked at "high curiosity" at seeing the headline about a new Trek series.  Then I read the article itself.  The NY Post has a great write-up that covers the problems.

Don't get me wrong ... I don't want to sound like the old curmudgeon who rejects anything new, because I'm not.

That said, though, I just don't trust modern Hollywood to get within light-years of correctly doing Trek.


Odo's Golden Showers

Someone on Reddit's DaystromInstitute asked the other day whether Odo could enjoy sex.  This led to a thought so terrible that I naturally had to share:


Too Close to the System

I keep seeing the same asinine claim about the Death Squadron's arrival at Hoth.  I don't know if it is always the same guy, but here is the lie as boldly proclaimed by SDN's "Captain Seafort" as proof of FTL sensors: