Chrono-Volumetrics Addendum: Epistemological Consistency

I've had a couple of issues crop up lately that really call attention to the problem of consistently dealing with certain sorts of data.  My focus at the moment is Star Trek vessel registries, but this actually applies to a lot of other information presented outside of dialog or camera shot.

See, there's typically been a little bit of fudgery among the Trek canon tech aficionados insofar as vessel registries and certain other data obtained from backstage sources, and at some point I slipped into it myself. 


USS Republic NCC-1371

It is a common assertion that the "United Starship Republic, number 1371" was a Constitution Class ship like the Enterprise, NCC-1701, based on the term "Starship".  We might also note that the name "Republic" fits nicely in the naming scheme of a class named "Constitution".

Beyond that, however, nothing points to the idea of the Republic as a Constitution Class as having any merit, and I thus propose that this is not so. 


Volumetric Confirmations

(The below was originally written in 2022 and not quite polished for publication.)

"Ilithi Dragon" recently commented that some of the entries in the Starship Volumetrics section might be off, based on experiences with deriving volumes for different models being employed as part of a large game mod effort.  I was, of course, suitably horrified, but having just done a little confirmatory experiment with a Galaxy Class warp nacelle, I didn't panic.