Chrono-Volumetrics Addendum: The Court Martial Chart

 At Starbase 11 in "Court Martial", Commodore Stone had a chart entited "Star Ship Status" with NCC numbers and percentages of completion, presumably of repairs like those for the Enterprise. 

Due to the focus, angle, and the font itself, folks have had issues distinguishing the digits even in the age of enhanced resolution from the Remastered show.   However, there's a very simple fix for that, as many programs allow a deskew option these days, especially on mobile operating systems where a "scan" of a document via photograph may need to be straighted up.


Fanon to Canon

Sometimes, popular fan ideas get adopted into the actual canon of a universe.   Maybe this is sometimes okay, but as often I think it tends to be silly . . . and I say this as someone who's had his work adopted into sci-fi canon.