The Star Destroyer class Star Battlecruiser

This has to be the most hilarious thing I've seen this week.

On Wookieepedia and Wikipedia articles, as we are aware, Saxtonites have been struggling to get their nomenclature accepted in implying that a Star Destroyer is, in fact, properly classed as a destroyer.

Now, in one of the old Marvel comics, a General Tagge had several of what are referred to as both "Star Destroyer class" vessels and "battlecruisers."

Apparently, the fact that they were drawn with a slightly different looking bridge tower with four knobs instead of two globes mean these must be roughly twice the size, and should be Star Destroyer class Star Battlecruisers.

I bet you can't say it aloud without laughing.


Voyager Plot Device Found in Earth's Jungles

Watch this.

You know, folks like you and I are all a-twitter about outer space, but there's still so much on Earth that's so very interesting, astonishing, and just plain extraordinary.

Not to mention completely frickin' nasty.