Too Close to the System

I keep seeing the same asinine claim about the Death Squadron's arrival at Hoth.  I don't know if it is always the same guy, but here is the lie as boldly proclaimed by SDN's "Captain Seafort" as proof of FTL sensors:


Bay Decompression Quickie

Thanks to the DaystromInstitute subReddit for the thought, relating to "Cause and Effect"[TNG] in which decompression of the main shuttlebay allowed the ship to avoid a collision.  Quoting myself from there:


Star Trek: Bye-Bye, Losers

ST-v-SW.Net is proud to announce the whatevereth Star Trek series entitled "Star Trek: Bye-Bye Losers", scheduled to premiere on Kim-Jong Il's birthday next year.

Helmed by Jess Zimmerman of pseudo-journalism and Butthead-haircut fame, this prequel series will look at the darker currents of the Star Trek mythos.  For a long while Star Trek has focused on the military expansionism of the Federation via armed warship "exploration" and its insidious Prime Directive by which it allows cultures to slowly develop their worlds for Federation assimilation as new consumers.

Now, Jess Zimmerman's insightful ripped-from-the-headlines vision of the future in which we learn that evil rich people are currently building rockets as part of their plot to escape the Earth they have warmed and polluted will turn Star Trek on its head.  



Hat tip to SDN's Mange:

"Star Wars Aftermath wrote:
In the deep well of Outer Rim space [...] The debris: the pulverized remnants from the comet Kinro, a celestial object once predicted to carve a path clean through the Core Worlds many eons ago, sure to destroy one or several planets and the people on them. The history books suggest that it was the Jedi who banded together, and several gave their lives (some, just their minds) willing the comet to break apart before it ever even punched a hole through the Mid Rim."

So we have a Cosmic Comet controlled by Darth Skeletor, I guess?


Dear Michael Westmore, About Kes

... your "old Kes" make-up was way off.  You should've gone more for the strung-out-on-something pre-op-transsexual quasi-pedo crash-into-the-cop-car look:

Just kidding about some of those, though disturbingly the quasi-pedo thing and cop car thing actually happened.


Star Trek Politics

After the recent disaster of the Trekonomics book, it is quite refreshing to see another old page concept I've never followed up on given a much better, albeit brief, look.  Timothy Sandefur has taken Star Trek politicial philosophy concepts and examples and woven a narrative that is probably not too far off the mark.


The StarfleetJedi Scare

There are but a handful of forums I visit on geeky topics, and frabkly there aren't many devoted to the topic.  Oh, sure, there's Spacebattles and SufficientVelocity, but those are so wide-ranging that the signal-to-noise ratio is atrocious from my perspective, given that I'm not one who cares about three-way match-ups between Guardians of the Galaxy and Goku and Go-Bots.  Also, I generally prefer smaller, cozier forums where one is not drowned out by the sheer mass of posts.

Of the handful I visit, only one is properly dedicated to the Star Trek vs. Star Wars topic, and that's the forum at StarfleetJedi.Net.  (The main site's cool, too.)


QotD 2015-0901 - The Non-Empire's No Cloak

Why doesn't the Federation use cloaking devices?  Treaty-schmeaty ... Redditor "p4nic" has the right answer, put as succinctly as I have ever seen:

"Romulan patent lawyers must be fierce indeed!"