Hugo Puppies

I heard nothing about Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies until recently, but basically some sci-fi conservatives got fed up with the lefty hipster bent to modern sci-fi and the selections of Hugo Awards in particular and organized into a nomination bloc for the Hugos.  So the leftists organized and got a whole bunch of friends to sign up as final voters and then ensured that no awards were given in the final voting.

Basically, then, a maligned resistance group organized and scored a mini-coup, so the existing regime called in a proverbial board invasion to assist in shutting the whole enterprise almost completely down, giving no awards at all in most categories and ignoring native English-speaking science fiction altogether but for crap like Guardians of the Galaxy.  They call this "victory" and also call the conservatives racist for those insidious racial terms like "ChiCom" (Chinese communist, a term with no racial bent I am aware of).

Don't get me wrong ... I appreciate a good strategic self-destruct.   Those Klingon bastards did kill his son, after all, and Anakin did offer the Jedi Cruiser and all its embarked crew to aid Ryloth.

But in this case the irony is that the leftists have confirmed absolutely everything the maligned resistance group had been saying all along.  Sure, it probably had more to do with like-mind groupthink than an organized leftist conspiracy, but now the leftist conspiracy really and truly exists, openly, and feels sufficiently good about themselves to really turn up the stupid.

So much for the Hugo Awards being a meaningful accolade.  Like with the political nonsense that detracted from the work of the Trekonomics guy, they're too busy applauding needless insertions of shout-outs to modern leftism than focusing on, y'know, the sci-fi.

C'est la vie.

Ultimate Proof of Star Wars Superiority

I have found it:

(The proof is that no one has ever been rickrolled in the Mandalorian language.)


QotD 2015-0828 - Sonic Shower Thoughts

"Since he invented warp drive, does that mean Zephram Cochrane gets a C+ in physics?"

- SgtBrowncoat

Go here and see more such things (some have NSFW language, mind you).  I rather like the suggestion of September 7 as "7 of 9 Day" ... I guess as an alternative to May 4 the quote is 'may the catsuit be with you?'


Children of Borg History

As I attempted to post to the comments:

"Just came across this and wanted to say "you're welcome".  The video leans quite heavily on work and specific concepts I pioneered.  See http://www.st-v-sw.net/archive/TAborg.html .  See also DITL's article for the Federation-centric side, the other half of this video.  I'll be sure to credit you for this eminently watchable spin on the old page!   Thanks!"

I refer to this video:


Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek

I am very pleased to see the widespread discussion of my old idea of Trek being a post-scarcity economic model.

Almost a year ago I noted, regarding finding an old claim of the Federation as communist:
"Fortunately, it appears that my old post-scarcity argument has been discussed and written about by others since (not saying they got it from me, mind you . . . just that it was the logical idea), so maybe this silly idea is on its way toward fading."
By "others since" I referred to a variety of articles, and the list is only increasing.   There's Medium.com and Slate that pondered it in 2013.  Here it is on io9 last year, and it made The Federalist.

And, there's even a book on it now being covered by the Washington Post.   I can't keep up now . . . while this post lingered as a draft even Bloomberg got in on the act, doing a decent job of it.