QotD 2015-0407 - Proper Use of a Lamppost

"To this subculture science is either the enemy, or it is used (as Andrew Lang famously quipped) like a drunk uses a lamppost, for support rather than illumination." 
 - https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/microwaves-and-nutrition/
I am, naturally, reminded of certain opponents of mine, even some who ought to know better..  Some people try to brain about science but sciencing and braining are just so hard.

It is easier to just listen to Dr. Oz, medicine's enemy within, and swish oil around in your mouth to remove toxins (conveniently making mayo at the same time until your mouth dries out, though the mayo is just evidence of toxin removal, or something).

Speaking of scientific illiteracy ...

I had opportunity to observe the space station transit the moon the other night, a bright swift star in front of Armstrong's playground.  I had all of ten minutes warning so only got to use a Mk. 1 eyeball (my pocket monocular wasn't up to the task).  Others watched as well, one of whom said, as the transit was happening, "they must be getting blinded!"

As I was trying to figure out her meaning, I thought perhaps she was correctly pondering the sunlight incident on the station and that if they were looking toward Earth it could still be bright for them at the right angles, but while I was formulating that thought in my brain the brief transit concluded, to which she said "... or were."

D'oh, so much for my benefit of the doubt.

I don't know what errant cosmology she was using so cannot even begin to explain what she was thinking.   Did she think they were really close to the moon, despite my having noted an orbital height of 400km (and translating it to miles for the less nerdy of the group)?   Did she think they were in it, like being in a sun?   Did she think they were inside the atmospheric halo around the moon?

Inquiring minds really don't want to know.

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Triarii said...

This kind of thing is why Richard Dawkins' "Breaking the Science Barrier" exists.