Phaser Bank Aim Tech

Reality is copying sci-fi again as a flat immobile emitter becomes a device with wide field of fire thanks to metamaterials:


Blah blah cheaper blah blah smaller blah blah better for all mankind.  Whatever.  What is *really* important here is that we finally have a plausible example of how the Cardassian square beam emitter thingy and even the Federation phaser strip could functionally aim.

Now if the guys could just put multiple devices together and have the energy combine at one point like phasers supposedly do, we could have an awesome phasery deathray.

Old TNG Advert

To the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel... this, I may add, is from memory.  (See also:  "brain sludge" by Dave Barry)

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Mysteries on the holodeck
Triple droids
Telepathic Betazoids
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Counselor Troi
Doctor Crusher's little boy
Klingon rites
New heights
Phaser fights
Data's head
Tasha's dead
Riker's hangin' by a thread
Everyone to battlestations!
We didn't start the series
It's The Next Generation on your favorite station
We didn't start the series
And when we are gone it will still be on and on and on and on and on ...

I had this post to this point and was going to put more info on all the clips used (not counting the customization each "favorite station" could insert), since the last time I searched for this a few years ago the internetstubes didn't know of it.  I presumed I was the final repository of this all-important knowledge.

However, just the other day a poster on Flare linked to a YouTube video of one station's version.   Happily, then, I am no longer the sole keeper of the ancient knowledge.