QotD 2016-1105 - Nuke the Bastards

"[L]et's remember we've actually seen a starfleet captain, on his own initiative, bomb a planet to drive out the population, and relieve no censure for it from Starfleet. We've seen no such thing in canonical star wars {...} two out of the four main Starfleet captains have given, in earnest, the order to destroy planets."

- NecronLord, 2016-0614, "Have Trekkies used these arguments?", bbs.stardestroyer.net

That is an impressive point when put that way.  Of course, using statistics ("two out of the four main") is a bit wrong-headed since we were shown rather more interesting characters than mere bog-standard Starfleet captains.  I rather doubt Captain Isao Telaka had a log entry more interesting than a complaint about someone's manners, for instance.

And indeed, all four Federation Starfleet captains we followed made some rather hardcore choices.


Inside Baseball Follow-up

Almost two years ago I said:

 "A few years ago I had a Drupal version up and running, but the image handling at the time was so poor that the idea of actually converting the existing 200 pages over to it was a nightmare, and it never went any further. The new logo was kinda neat, though . . . maybe at some point I can even find it and show it to you."


In the grand scheme it is hardly revolutionary, but for me it was a stylistic departure insofar as the font treatment went, one that managed to work out pretty kickass, albeit perhaps not the most original-est thing ever.

 Anyway, I prefer to keep promises, even if it is something like 22 months later.