Is This Thing Still On?

Blogger's dropped support for gazillions* of their users who update via Blogger to personal sites via FTP.

(* ... for certain values of gazillion ...)

I've therefore been working on that new site backend that will hopefully allow all sorts of fresh new awesomeness, but in the meantime there won't be blogs.  Even this shouldn't work.

Stay tuned to the main site for updates.  I'm not posting an ETA because, well, this is a hobby and I've got other stuff to do too, and as a result of the needed backend work I'm trying to avoid doing page work.   That will hopefully keep me motivated to get the former done so I can do the latter even more easily.

But for the moment, this blog signs off.  Feel free to jaunt over to StarfleetJedi.Net's forums if you miss my geeky ramblings too much  . . . I'm sure I'll still post there sporadically.