QotD 2016-1105 - Nuke the Bastards

"[L]et's remember we've actually seen a starfleet captain, on his own initiative, bomb a planet to drive out the population, and relieve no censure for it from Starfleet. We've seen no such thing in canonical star wars {...} two out of the four main Starfleet captains have given, in earnest, the order to destroy planets."

- NecronLord, 2016-0614, "Have Trekkies used these arguments?", bbs.stardestroyer.net

That is an impressive point when put that way.  Of course, using statistics ("two out of the four main") is a bit wrong-headed since we were shown rather more interesting characters than mere bog-standard Starfleet captains.  I rather doubt Captain Isao Telaka had a log entry more interesting than a complaint about someone's manners, for instance.

And indeed, all four Federation Starfleet captains we followed made some rather hardcore choices.

Sisko bombed Maquis colonies to render them uninhabitable, Kirk fully intended to kill off one side in a war that he was only tangentially dragged into . . . yes, both of those are true.  But let us also remember that Janeway and Picard had their moments, too.

Starfleet itself showed some of the same tendencies.  One recalls the plan to destroy the Borg Collective via the geometric malware that was to be delivered via Hugh, as well as Picard later being dressed down for *not* using it.  And that was with a Starfleet barely removed from the era of the Space Hippies, meaning that's impressive indeed.

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