Voyager Plot Device Found in Earth's Jungles

Watch this.

You know, folks like you and I are all a-twitter about outer space, but there's still so much on Earth that's so very interesting, astonishing, and just plain extraordinary.

Not to mention completely frickin' nasty.


  1. Woah I feel sorry for the ant.

  2. That's nothing - I've seen parasitic worms which force their hosts, grasshoppers, to commit suicide:

    And, there are fungi which make snails eyes look like worms in order to make birds eat them:

  3. Which plot device are we dealing with again?

  4. I was thinking specifically of Harry Kim's 8472 facial ick, but it applies to all the Braga-weirdness bio-nasty slimy funky things.

  5. Oh, yeah. That was awesome.

  6. Hey, I just had a thought. A variant of this could explain nonmystical zombie types. It's not a virus, but some kind of spore that's passed along in the body fluids and since bites are more common than anything else, biting makes more zombies. It might also explain why most zombie portrayols show them going after humans than not. It's species specific and the drive to go after humans is like the drive to make a bug crawl up a branch before it dies and it eats human flesh because it's a readily available source.