Long Chains of Water

I've previously commented on reading about carbon nanotubes managing to create long chains of water in a polymer-like configuration (see link). This amused me, since it would provide a plausible path toward a mechanism for the otherwise-unlikely 'complex strings of water molecules' that were involved in creating the quasi-drunkenness from "Naked Now"[TNG1].

However, it now appears that the 'complex strings of water molecules' might not have been all that unlikely to begin with. According to some reports, long chains of water might actually be water in its normal state (see link). I'm not sure of all the implications of this idea (that is to say, I feel sure this sort of thing would have some sort of verifiable effect on biochemistry, water-as-a-solvent, and so on), but if true I find it even more amusing on a Trek-geek level than the nanotube idea.

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