Attack of the Show

Anyone getting the American network G4 catch tonight's "Attack of the Show"? Reportedly they had a Star Trek vs. Star Wars topic. Of course, most such discussions are entirely superficial (box office draw, fanboy dorkiness levels, etc.), but this one at least was supposed to have had a (probably-still-superficial) tech side.

In any event, I'll find myself a copy and report if anything interesting was said.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the channel, but it'd be interesting just how much tech talk there was.

Mike DiCenso said...

For a few years at San Diego Comic-Con, there was Versus panel called "Starship Smackdown". Each year a panel of "experts" would choose a random number of SF starships to duke it out until only one was left, and of course declared the winner.

I suspect that the Attack of Show did what the Starship Smackdown did: the panelists choose whatever they really felt like, with little or no technical discussion whatsoever. I must say though, it was funny watching a few rabid Warsies in the Starship Smackdown audience yell, whine and moan when the panel decided a Borg cube defeats an Imperial star destroyer... ;-)