Oooh . . . CinemaxHD

This is extremely interesting. Is this some fartknocker doing upconversion and calling it HD, or can these guys get an actual HD transfer of the Star Wars films? The video promo gives no clue, but if the latter then imagine the wealth of newly visible detail even at 720p!

I'll keep trying to find out more, not to mention trying to figure out how to get my grubby little paws on it.


Anonymous said...

Here in the States, cable companies can broadcast on standard NTSC channels and some of them have a HDTV channel as well.

What is most likely happening is that the Star Wars movies are simply broadcasting their upconverted images on a HDTV broadcast - probably for the 16:9 format.

Anonymous said...

They are most likely upconverted - first it is MUCH harder to copy a HD-DVD than a normal DVD, and second, digital TV sets are optimized for HDTV - they upconvert the normal broadcast and do so much worse than studios can...