CanonWars Challenge

Given that there are some folks who read ST-v-SW.Net that don't read CanonWars.com, and given that the canon issue is still considered contentious in some circles, I figured I ought to point specifically to the . . . what, 20th? . . . final nail in the coffin of the staunch EU-centrist viewpoint of most pro-Wars/anti-Trek debaters.

Now, three major mouthpieces for Star Wars . . . Lucas himself and two vocal continuity experts in Licensing (Rostoni and Chee) . . . all state that there are separate continuities in Star Wars . . . one focused on Lucas's films and another focused on the films and the vast material of the EU.

Up until recently Chee had been the only hope for EU Completist militants, since he'd made comments in the past year or so that suggested he'd abandoned his old statements regarding two separate canons, instead favoring the idea that "one overall continuity" existed per 2004 comments and his response to Lucas's "two universes" from Starlog's August '05 issue and the related "parallel universe" comments he's made.

But in early December, Chee acknowledged that there are indeed two official continuities . . . a Lucas continuity of the films and the Licensing continuity of the EU and other materials in Chee's "Holocron" database. (Read more about it here and here.)

As such, the final noteworthy official whose statements were malleable enough to be misused by the foes of the canon has now come down squarely in the centrist, dual-canonism camp, originated here at ST-v-SW.Net and now housed at CanonWars.com.

In other words, the old canon battle is over. Of course it has been over for a long time, given Lucas's statements over the past few years, but there's really nowhere for the foes of the canon to turn anymore.

Right now their continued support of their opinion is sustained only by the inertia of the old obfuscations and lies upon which it was based. There is nothing objective for them to point to anymore.

With that in mind, I've offered a challenge to my opponents, most of which are more likely to read this blog than the one at CanonWars.

But whether they accept it or not, their concession is accepted.


Anonymous said...

This is so f****** ridiculous. Please say that you're joking.

Anonymous said...

And as you can see, you will never get our mutual opponents to agree you are correct. After all, doing so would lose them the debate.

So, while your attempt may or may not be valiant, don't expect the other side to ever agree with what you write on the issue.

You being correct, or you being incorrect has nothing to with it. They'll never agree.

(note that this -to a point- goes both ways)

Anonymous said...

This whole situation feels anticlimactic