May 14-20 1994 TV Guide, p. 20:

"But there is a very strong sense of finality -- we owe that to the audience. Riker will not wake up in the shower and say it's all been a dream."

- Rick Berman, Executive Producer

Yeah . . . he saved that for Enterprise. Dick.


Ilithi Dragon said...

Yeah, don't get me started on Berman and Braga... >.>

Anonymous said...

I don't get it... What's Berman even talking about and why do you hate him for it in particular? :/

Anonymous said...

Berman is, amongst most star trek fans, considers a hypocrite and up here is merely one instance of it. He is also generally considered responsible for the downfall of trek in general, though some debate that.

However, for the most part trekkies, like myself, hate him.

Kryten said...

Wow, we actually agree on something.

Oh and anon, Berman is one of the foremost responsible for turning Trek into the pile of refuse it currently is. His efforts on Voyager made an interesting premise into Lost in Space: Retard Edition.

And Enterprise ended with a "shout out" to the TNG fans in which Riker and Troi revist the NX-01 crew to gain insight into how to deal with the situation in Pegasus. A tie in which doesn't quite work for the simple fact that Riker was heavier in the "shout out" than he was in the actual episode! Mind you it does give people the out of claiming the series was a holodeck fantasy. Depending on your opinion of Enterprise that's a good thing.

From the glimpses I've seen of Season 4, Berman undid all the efforts Manny Coto put in to save the show.

Anonymous said...

That's an understatement, it was like he was trying to sabotage Coto for being better than he could ever hope to be.

Ilithi Dragon said...

I wouldn't put it past him.

Kryten said...


I get the impression that B&B considered ST to be their personal franchise after Gene buggered off and they could do what they wanted when they wanted. And that the fans would just suck it up 'cause it had Trek in the title.

I wouldn't have put it past them to intentionally fuck Coto over once it was obvious that even after he took over ENT, that it was going to crash. Now the average fan will blame Coto and take the heat of off them for the previous three seasons and that VOY abortion.

After all, how many fans actually look into who's running what and when?