Riker Destroys the Enterprise

(Video Link)

It's the sound effects on "impact" that really sell it and crack me up.


Anonymous said...

"This category is reserved for flame mailers who don't have the guts to use their real names or even real E-mail addresses. Accountability is a prerequisite for respectability."

Gee, I thought that would be OBJECTIVE ACCURACY. If a thing is true, it makes no difference WHO says it. That's logic.
But then, logic never bothered a Warsie-- or logical FALLACIES, for that matter.

"People who refuse to divulge their real names can't ever be taken too seriously, because their insistence on anonymity is proof that they don't have any confidence in their own ideas."

More like any confidence in Warsies to avoid relying on SMEAR-CAMPAIGNS, instead of civilized discourse-- because YOU have no confidence in your own ideas! To you, bullying, harassment, invasion of privacy, personal attacks, physical and legal threats, and even STALKING, are just "points of view."

"If they don't have confidence in their own ideas, why should you?"

Bingo-- and thus your foul tactics belie your insecurities.
Of course, given Mike Wong's penchant for displaying his wife's giant sex-toys and practices to the world(http://www.cheerfulatheist.com/SexToyReviews/), it's clear that he's "compensating for something..." that leaves his wife feeling "short"-shrift. To wit:
""As it turns out, it's not quite true that I have equally good orgasms with smaller toys. It seems that I'm a bit of a size queen after all, and Bam's mammoth size gives me something that smaller toys just can't offer." (Ibid).

But cheer up, Mike: as we "Federation Cultists" prove, it's not the SIZE of the ship that counts-- but it IS hard to get to hyperspace in an anal-probe (which your wife Rebecca ADMITS is all you're good for: "I don't like anal toys in general because a real penis feels better in there.") (Ibid).
And on that note, "Ibid" you good-bye :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yes: the above is for the hate-mail page from StarDestroyer.net.
By now they've probably got my IP address sent to Al-queda. and told them I insulted Allah-- or worse, told the Warsies that I insulted Emperor Wong.