80's Childhood Reboot

Yes, it's a silly video.

Yes, you will click the link.

Resistance is futile.


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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Picard, he could have easily repaired the timeline by simply destroying the Enterprise and everyone on it, via firing a phaser at the warp-core, like Riker (or someone) said could happen early in the movie; Picard would only need to construct a device that would remain unseen for 300 years, and then transmit a warning to the Federation shortly before the Borg attacked, with the information allowing them to intercept the Borg ship in deep space and destroy it completely (sphere and all).
While the Enterprise and everyone on it would be completely destroyed, this incident would also be erased from the timeline when the future-Enterprise destroyed the Borg ship before it could time-travel; thus the Enterprise and crew would avoid the incidents of First Contact altogether.
So Picard's options were much easier than Spock's.