ENT Torpedo Guidance Weakness

In "Storm Front, Pt. II"[ENT4], the disabled targeting sensors on Enterprise meant that the ship was unable to torpedo a target on the planet below whose location was known.

This is rather odd, if you think about it.   A torpedo ought to be able to follow a pre-programmed trajectory, and if Enterprise sensors and computers were functioning at all they should've been able to ascertain the ship's location well enough to drop a bomb from orbit against a designated target.    Indeed, even a simple dumb bomb drop should've been relatively easy for them.

True, the ship was not at her best.  This was after the third season events that left the ship all torn up.  But that's hardly an excuse in this case.  Even operating the torpedo like an old TOW missile (guided by commands sent via an unspooling wire behind the missile) could've prevented them from the ridiculous (if cool-looking) need to take their busted-ass ship into the atmosphere and fly around at an altitude of much less than a kilometer over New York City.

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