Worf's Notches

Face it, Worf gets all the chicks.  

Yeah, Captain Kirk blah blah and Will Riker blah blah blah.  Those guys may have had good hair (or hairpieces), and they may be good at the quick seduction and one-nighters, but if you look longer term, Worf is the true mack-daddy.  

Not only was Tasha virtually licking her lips at him shortly before her ill-fated trip to face the "Skin of Evil", but he later bagged Troi, Jadzia Dax, and Ezri Dax.   The ones he did not marry (in this quantum universe or some other), he politely allowed others (including Riker the player) to have as his cast-aside offal.  Worf's game is so good, he basically had Jadzia smacking him around to pay her his attention. 

Indeed, I'm pretty sure the only reason he didn't avail himself of the pleasures of Dr. Crusher was his respect for Picard (which is probably also why he never docked his battlecruiser at Guinan Station), but otherwise he would've totally gotten on that.   As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that after their dispute on the bridge of the Enterprise-E in First Contact, Crusher's haste to start getting things done was because she hoped that Worf was sufficiently ticked at Picard to maybe allow them some alone time later.  

Pulaski?   I got the sense she was game, what with the tea ceremony and whatnot.  There was more than a whiff of cougar about that woman in her dealings with Worf, but I doubt he did.

Ro Laren?   Oh yeah.  We didn't see it, but I'd bet she wanted to try it.  But don't forget that Worf plays a long game, and she was in and out.

Dr. Selar?   Naturally  . . . he'd love the familiar face.

Nurse Ogawa?   I don't know if he got around to it.

Keiko?   He probably could've stolen her away, but I rather doubt he wanted to after he saw her give birth.  At least when Troi gave birth he was out of line-of-sight of the stretchy parts.

Kira?   Well, she has her moments, but he was aiming for higher quality most of the time.

Cassidy?   He probably would.  Sisko certainly seemed to be concerned about it if you think of "Far Beyond the Stars" in a certain way.  

And let's remember, as of the end of DS9, Kira and Cassidy are single.  Sure, Worf was headed off to the Klingon homeworld to be an ambassador, but he probably considered it, even despite Kira's Ayn Rand hair and Cassidy's pregnant belly. He probably could've made it happen simultaneously.

But then again, he was going to the Klingon homeworld, a planet by definition that is literally full of Klingon women, and where he would be a person of some prestige, making his game even easier.   

I would wager he would just conserve his strength.   He was gonna need it.

Indeed, the only problem with Worf going to the Klingon homeworld is that with all the women trying to get a piece of the Federation Ambassador, all the Klingon males could become so frustrated and agitated that they would go all warlike and start invading random planets and neighboring nations just to blow off steam.

Hopefully he took a bunch of Quark's holosuite programs with him to distribute to the masses.

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