Found At Last: Battle Line Maneuvers

Though I didn't buy it at the time, I recall looking in a bookstore in the 90s and choosing between the Star Wars Technical Journal and another book.

I always remembered a particular page or two from that perusal.   The basic gist was that nobody in the Star Wars universe could deal with the 3-D nature of space without getting queasy, so all space combat was done in 2-D format and, as such, ended up looking not unlike the sort of fleet combat Lord Nelson might've understood.  There were even diagrams of battle line maneuvers featuring top-down views of cruiser lines, white ships against a gray background.

In the years since, I've often recalled these pages and even mentioned them a few times, noting that I couldn't remember the book's name, but no one ever volunteered that particular info.    It was fun to point that out when certain inflationist folks were trying to suggest that the EU invariably uber-fied Star Wars.

Finally I have located the book, thus solving a mystery for me that's like two decades old or so.

It's the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook of West End Games.  Page 54 starts the particular bits I remember, but the entire section is interesting enough.

As of this writing, Googling for the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook pulls up a PDF version pretty readily, so enjoy.

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