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I like this guy.

Anyway, he got 25g for the loop into the asteroid monster by the Falcon.  Pretty close to my Falcon figures.

Update: As I posted to comments, though:

Actually, on further review, there is more camera motion than I prefer here, plus a tiny FX flub. First, the Falcon appears from top of frame and if you watch her against the stars she traverses her own length in about seven frames at 25fps for a speed (at 35m length) of about 125m/s. Then the camera really whips about ... note the extra stars that become visible from over the horizon ... at which point she seems to traverse in 4ish frames against the asteroid horizon, et cetera. Then we hit the boo-boo (after the end of your .gif) where the animators used the 3- to 4-frame rate to draw in the shadows but the Falcon itself takes 7 frames to disappear beyond the rim of the hole. 
Point being, I think her downward velocity does not actually exceed 125m/s or thereabouts. And that is just the end of the loop. 
That comes out to 115 m/s^2, or about 11.75g, by your equation. 

The calculation he used assumed a constant velocity in the loop of 267m/s, so the difference is significant.

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