My Force Awakens Review

... doesn't exist yet, because, in the fine tradition of my not bothering to see Star Trek: Into Darkness for five months, I took the rare opportunity a couple nights ago to see a film in a theater by going to see The Martian instead.  Great picture!  The classroom ending could've been skipped, but all in all it was remarkably good, even if I had quibbles with the realism at times.

As for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the issue I have, as noted previously (1, 2, 3), is that just as JJ-Trek isn't related to the Trek universe of TOS, TNG, et al., the new Disney universe isn't the same universe as that of Lucas.  I consider this to basically be Vector Prime insofar as events mattering to the original universe or being worthy of analysis.

I will see it at some point, I am sure, and discuss the wacky technology in side notes just as with JJ-Trek, but it matters to me less than my recent binge-watch of the second season (to date) of Rebels.  It's fun and all, but it's not real Star Wars.

I am well-spoiled, though.  And may I say from that spoling that I much prefer the original Lucas idea of Han and Leia grilling burgers in the backyard, and have even come up with an alternate sequel trilogy, perhaps similar to the one Lucas made the story for that Disney discarded, which allows for that to still be so while creating a more compelling and meaningful storyline for this generation than the plot-hole-riddled only-in-Hollywood meaningless nonsense I am hearing about.

But that is a tale for another blog post.


1701EarlGrey said...

I don't know how can you say that "Force awakens" is not taking place in the same universe as Lucas films? It was basically: "Star Wars: The Next Generation". :) Sure, movie wasn't perfect by any stretch of imagination but it was quite good and it definitely de-canonized EU; all events of novels/comics/games are now null and void, even though there are some inspirations when it comes to one of the characters, and one continuity error. My biggest problem with a movie, is that it was derivative, but cinematography was surprisingly good - no shaky cam, lens flares or unnecessary close ups - and new heroes were quite likeable, also there are is one really tragic scene, which was better than all tragedy in prequels, combined. I like this movie, even though I'm not a fan of Abrams and his mindless pseudo-Trek; this movie was better.

I would give it 7/10

Guardian said...

I can say it because it is so. That's what the links ("(1, 2, 3)") were about.

Glad you enjoyed it.

1701EarlGrey said...

Yes, I read those links and I disagree with you, but most likely I won't convince you, so I won't even try. Anyhow, live long and prosper and may be Force be with you, in this upcoming new year! :)

rskalski said...

Aw ,man, I was hoping for some quality analysis from this corner of the universe...I also can't agree with you on this, if anything Disney is saving us from the ugly mishmash of the EU....Sorry you feel the way you do....now where do I look for a quality SW deconstruction...sigh.