Less than 12 Hours

Four days ago, I saw the end of Star Trek. In less than twelve hours, I shall see the end of Star Wars.

Someone remind me to always speak of these universes in the past tense from now on. :)

EDIT: Ach! Dumbasses!

(Sigh) . . . so I bought my ticket for the midnight show a few days ago, and hadn't thought of it much since then. Haven't even been seeing any trailers, since of course I've spoiled myself quite enough. As a result, I hadn't even thought of the release date . . . I was just going by my ticket.

The ticket reads:

12:01am Wed 5/18/05

Now, for most of civilization, that would mean that some nine hours after this edit (occurring at 3pm), the movie would be on. Today is Tuesday, after all, and at midnight it becomes Wednesday, May 18, 2005. One minute after midnight is 12:01am Wed 5/18/05.

However, the movie theater industry seems to see things differently. Not only is my local theater incapable of correct timekeeping, but even Yahoo's zip code example of Fremont, CA has it wrong. The Century 25 theater there also reports that they're having midnight showings tonight.



Anonymous said...

How amusing. I ran into a similar bit of confusion when I was looking for our set of tickets to celebrate finals being over. I was perplexed why they had no midnight Thursday showings, and only Wednesdays ones! Fools, haha.

Anonymous said...

My theater got around that problem by advertising its preorder tickets as; 11:56, 11:57, 11:58 11:59 Wednesday night. That way people would know to show up Wednesday night. People seem have a hard time figuring out what day midnight falls on. When you got your tickets though, the times were; 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04 Thursday morning.