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At blogs.StarWars.com one can find some interesting blogs from various VIPs. (This, I suppose, is the replacement for the much-missed VIP thread in the EU section of the forums.)

So far there's not much of interest, but there is one by Leland "Tasty Taste" Chee so we'll see what comes up in the future.

Also, I want to note that time constraints and a computer difficulty have produced a delay on updating. I'm thinking I'll probably fold most of my movie commentary into the current Lesser Canon project pages, thereby creating a single overall resource.

I'll also need to review the timeline of the film, which will probably be done on a separate page. This will impact the hyperdrive speed issue, and the hyperdrive pages will probably need a once-over after Stover's injection of the EU's orbital mirrors in regards to Coruscant.

On the good side, though, there's no rush now. With the final chapter of Star Wars now complete and no new Trek due to be completed anytime soon, we have plenty of time.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Hope your computer difficulty gets sorted out. I look forward to your next update.