*snort* (chuckle)

From the TFN thread "Is My Jar-Jar Coloring Book Canon?"

"I wonder if the goings on inside my morning bowl of Episode III cereal are canon. Just this morning The Darth Vader head soggily became one with the c3po head in a sugary transmogrification. Can I gleen from this that Darth Vader's suit actually contains pieces of c3po...because, according to my bowl of cereal, that is indeed the case"
- 'wcleere', TheForce.Net forums


  1. [Having trouble breathing]

  2. Heh, that's made my day.

    I take it that person is being sarcastic? Cos if not, well... my theory about some Warsies out there is confirmed...

  3. That is pretty funny, but that comment about warsies, just not called for...

  4. It was most definitely sarcasm. What many on both sides of the Vs. Debate aisle fail to realize is that the StarDestroyer.Net groupthink position on things like canon and technology is not the only opinion on Star Wars out there, nor is it even the majority opinion.

    From Pablo Hidalgo poking fun at Saxton disciples to Sue Rostoni acknowledging that Lucas's idea of post-RoTJ Star Wars wouldn't resemble LLP's . . . from Lucas saying Han just grills in the backyard post-RoTJ to the large number of fans who don't accept the EU as being real Star Wars . . . from the comparatively diminutive sales figures of EU materials to the SD.Net crowd having whole threads bashing the EU they ostensibly revere . . . suffice it to say that it's quite apparent the majority of Star Wars fans don't particularly give a damn about the EU.

    To be sure, there are some fans who do. TheForce.Net's forums have a moratorium on canon debates, though at the same time they allow the existence of an "EU Defense Force", an organized group dedicated to intra-board thread invasions to silence canon purists. And, of course, we have the SD.Net board invasion crowd, who do not limit themselves to their own forum.

    In both cases, it's simply a minority with something to prove, trying to lobby their word into law . . . a standard maneuver for those whom the facts are against.

  5. sounds familiar to other...non sci-fi...arenas of debate.......

  6. Well, this happens if you try to include everything. This is exactly why catholic Church is that hard to reform: their rule is that ANYTHING said by any Pope is canon forever.