Velocity Measurement

Here, we get some interesting information about the science of determining an object's velocity via a single, fixed camera point. Some recent advances have resulted in a new camera system capable of doing this automatically.

Some of my opponents will undoubtedly be shocked, given their claims that this is not possible. For instance, they argued against the page on the Falcon's acceleration, claiming that velocities . . . even relative velocities versus the camera . . . could not be determined via the methods I was using. I recall even explaining the concept to them using the idea of a car passing over a mark in the road over the course of multiple frames.

While I'll grant that compared to the new camera system my methods are primitive, I do rather enjoy displaying yet another proof of concept.

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Anonymous said...

The tricky thing is when the vantage point moves as well. Which happens in a number of cases - that's one way the SDN crowd has decidxed TLs curve.