Deep Impact, By the Numbers

Impactor mass: 370-372kg (reports vary)
Impactor size: ~1m x 1m
Relative velocity @ impact: ~10.2km/s
Impact KE: 19.25-19.35 Gigajoules (4.60-4.63 tons TNT)
Estimated crater size: "stadium-sized" . . . 100m+
Impact temperature: "thousands of degrees Kelvin"
Tempel 1 size: ~14.4 x 4.4 x 4.4 kilometers
Volume equivalent: 6.8km sphere
Tempel 1 density: ~500 kg/m^3 (plus or minus ~400kg/m^3)
Tempel 1 gravity: ~0.0000275 to 0.000041g
Gas/Dust Ejecta Velocity: ~1800 kilometers per hour

(For comparison, the Oklahoma City bombing involved a 2-ton truck bomb. Also note that the effect isn't quite like a 4.6 ton explosive device being set off on the surface.)

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