And You Will Know Them By The Trail of The Annoyed

In case you've ever thought that the SD.Netters just come after me, think again. They've sprayed their collective venom against many a real or imagined foe, going off to invade places that just aren't interested.

Perhaps the most amusingly disturbing fight they've picked has been with the very people who make the EU they (normally) defend to the death. I've previously mentioned their issue with Pablo Hidalgo, who downplayed the import of number-crunching fans like Saxton. This of course offended them no end, and a year and a half ago it resulted in all manner of outrage among SD.Net denizens. They bitched and moaned all over SD.Net and even the StarWars.com forums, flinging insults every which way . . . even Saxton got involved. They even called for a letter-writing campaign to try to get Hidalgo ousted.

He's still around. Oh, and Ossus got banned from StarWars.com. Oops.

Now, they've picked another fight. A recent issue of Star Wars Insider had an article on the Grand Army of the Republic. If you'll recall, AoTC implies about 1.2 million clones. The article, discussing a time around RoTS some three years later, gives the Republic a total of about three million. Seems about right, to me.

The rabid Warsies of SD.Net, however, considered this to be far too small, and thus began flaming the authors all over the internet, not only at their SD.Net haven but also on the forums of TheForce.Net. Now they've even carried the matter to the StarWars.com blogs of the offending authors, calling a very nice lady and the fellow who helped with the article some remarkable names and giving all manner of hell to anyone else they can find, including (inevitably) Pablo Hidalgo. The mods of StarWars.com are being kept busy trying to ensure that their personal attacks and other flames aren't allowed to go out of control . . . which of course has the SD.Net crew attacking the mods, now, as well.

They're basically just a few steps away from those freaks who sent death threats to the EU author who was tasked to kill Chewbacca. And of course, given that the SD.Net crowd is not unfamiliar with composing death threats, I'm sure Karen Traviss, Ryan Kaufmann, and Pablo Hidalgo have or will get some very interesting mail from these weirdos. I'm just waiting for them to start trying to call them at home while holding satellite photos of their homes.

So let's see . . . reason, common sense, me, Lucas companies personnel, EU authors . . . yes, their list of Enemies of the State is growing. But hey, what do we know? Only the SD.Netters know what real Star Wars is. We should let them write it.

Of course, now that they're up to claiming rapid-fire 50 teraton per shot ship weapons (an increase of 250 times over the already-absurd ICS 200 gigaton crap), I'm sure most of what they wrote would be zeroes and commas (aNd t3h C4pt41n uNl34$#3d t3h 700,000,0000,00,,000,000,,000 uB3rt0n tUrB0l4z0Rz 4nD 400,000,000,00,0000,,00 g1g4cl0n3z!!!!!!1111one111!!!!!11shift+one!).

But come now . . . who'd really want to read that?


Anonymous said...

They made calcs derived from information laid by Saxton which would indirectly lead them where they wanted to end.

As for their bahaviour, yes, there's no surprise, except for the oens who don't understand what's bad about SD.net.
Nuff said, Mos Eisley is a kiddie garden in comparison.

Anonymous said...

50 Teratons?

My, that just made my day. I'm still laughing.

No doubt when these 50 teraton beams hit a shield they get converted into neutrinos for old times sake. Oh, wait.. when they hit the hull the heat sinks will make sure we never get to even see the explosion.

Please, keep quoting these bits of fun. I can use more laughter in my life :-)

Anonymous said...

While you have absolute no proof that this is me, I just wanted to add that none of that flak reaches the targets of the hate if said target just stays off boards and blogs, and remains firmly planted in the real world... which, admittedly is hard to do.

Not a single missive requesting my ouster crossed my desk nor the desks of anyone i know.

Besides, such an act would give me too much credit. I have no real say in the final numbers.

The irony of all this is that I love the number-crunchy stuff. I think it's great fun... it's the zealotry I tend to smirk at.