Star Wars Mythbusting

In a StarWars.com write-up on a show called "Mythbusters" here in the U.S., the folks from the show made a couple of comments on some events that occur in SW. One was:

Can electricity make your skeleton visible from the outside?

"Only if you have a sufficient midi-chlorian concentration," Imahara smiles. "I'm convinced they're bioluminescent."

That one amused me, since certain opponents claim Force Lightning to be both (a) normal electrical lightning and (b) capable of resulting in perfect X-ray-like representations of target skeletons. I've argued against both notions for the many obvious reasons. Now that others are telling them the same sorts of things, perhaps one day they'll start to believe them.

(The latter idea even led to their absurd claim of naturally-occurring metal implants in the neck of Star Wars humans.)


Anonymous said...

GeekParallax Here.

Funny thing about the naturally occuring metal spines business-- Wong and his cronies have often pointed at you, G2k, and claimed that you were the one to make that claim.

What's the story behind that?

Author said...

To their credit, SD.Net poster "Spanky the Dolphin"'s claim was so absurd even his comrades wanted to distance themselves from it. But, being dishonest, they tried to distance themselves from it by attributing it to me.

You can find the tale and links to the origins here:

Anonymous said...

Who cares if it's realistic or not? Their skeletons still glow, for whatever reason, and Vader clearly has artificial components in his spine, just as obviously as his artificial forearm glows. Compare to Mace Windu.