Outsiders Astonished

G2k here ... pardon me for largely being in a state of hiatus this month. If you'll pardon my French, things have been just batshit banana-f***ing crazy.

In this mini-hiatus-break, though, I chanced upon some entertaining links related to recent entries. The Talifan are gettin' famous:



Anonymous said...

Oh my that is disgusting. Its nice that someone is calling them on there assholeness.

Anonymous said...

And if you really enjoy poking your eye out with a blunt stick, you can look at the forum there and see the Talifans 'attacking' the uncaring, unwashed YAD fans.

BHMM said...

Well, guess they're finally hitting the big time.

Nothing makes SDN happy like having somebody new to yell at.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, instead of actually contacting someone that works for the company, specifically any number of her supervisors, from direct supervisor on up, let's make an animated video. That way, there can be a group of people that don't like her or her work because they saw this. We'll lurk in the shadows and she'll never know we are there and then, we'll... And then, we'll... What the hell are we gonna do then?"

Not only does the script suck, was the one being the "Talifan" not familiar with the words of the script? It was so stilted, 2nd graders do better. Was there even a script made before then 'cause it felt like the dialogue was often add libed as it went along.

"Ooooooohh. This'll show Travis. A soldier getting punched a few times by a guy that says a mysoginistic insult doesn't make him a mysoginist. Oh, yeah. Virtually characters getting beaten up a little is tremendous revenge.

Eeeeeeeeeexcellent. Smithers!! Have this sent by the fastest pony express horse you can find and send it to Miss Travis."

"Pony express?"

"Yes. And get the sharks with the fricken' laser beams attached to their heads ready. I see them doing a little undercoverwork. I want aaaall 3 million of them to crawl out of the sewers and attack Miss Travis with their laser beams. She'll be so disoriented by the video that she won't turn on her security alarm. The sharks will crawl across her lawn in the dead of night, break down the doors and windows and fire on her. Then, they'll escape back through the sewers. Make sure one of them knows how to put a sewer cover back on. If none of them has the strength, I'm sure we can use posturing and death threats to get them to find the adreniline they need."

"Sir, there's a bit of a problem with that plan."


"First, a lot of sewer tunnels can't fit a whole human through, so our sharks won't fit through them. Second, sharks can't crawl across land. They'd probably die before they even got out of the street, let alone break down her doors and windows to fire on her and crawl back in, while putting the sewer cover back on.

"I see. Can we fly them in and drop them, so they fire on her through the windows and hopefully get a lucky shot?"

"Yes, sir, but..."

"Make it so!"

"But, sir..."

"Do you want me to release the hounds?"

"No, sir."

"Then, don't just stand there, like a blithering idiot! Get it done!"

"Yes, sir."

[Mr Burns turns around in his chair, looking out a window in his mansion]

"That bumbling Smithers might screw this up."

[Burns swings back around]

"I better call Stewie Griffin."

Anonymous said...

And what I find really funny is the reaction at SDN (See here: http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic.php?t=91965&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0)

It has to be Travis' work of getting the video labeled adult material. She must have complained a hell of a lot because it couldn't have aything to do with the actual content of the video.

Anonymous said...

And I've just watched the new version of "Talifan". It's just a little longer than the first with an explosion of low intensity, smoke, a vulcan neck pinch, a couple blasters and the idiotic one handed shotgun firing. And the firing arm goes up practically 90 degrees after the shot is fired. [i]Shocker.[/i] And the sound didn't even work, too.

Author said...

Insiders astonished too

Of course "The Dark Moose" has been much reviled by the StarDestroyer.Net Dirty Dozen-or-So, but it's nice to see even more folks truly realizing that there's a line in the sand. A lot of people hadn't seen it before ... that's why they hadn't picked a side yet.

To all those who recognize the line and have picked the side that isn't wrong . . . welcome aboard.