Star Wars TV Show: Bounty Hunter

Call me out of the loop . . .

The guys at IESB.Net posted a video of a quickie interview with Rick McCallum. TheForce.Net has the link.

The part I found most interesting was the mention that the TV show would be dealing with bounty hunters. Past information has mentioned that it would involve events which occur between Ep3 and Ep4 in the timeline.

I don't know about you, but I smell a young Boba Fett. That would be pretty sweet. But you can just imagine events carrying him to Tatooine where, upon seeing the Sarlacc, he shudders with some deep, mysterious sense of dread. ;)


Anonymous said...

A bounty hunter series can give you stand alones, mini arcs and season/series long arcs. It'd be good if they did a combination of all three. But, would they get the guy that played Jango or recast it? I think it might be better, if they just recast it. Hell, not even all the adult clones on kimino were him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, And Greedo saying "I normally work on better planets, but I'll go to Tattooine to find this Solo as my last mission..." Lol;

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
That's great news regarding the TV show in fact. Darker, much more intense. I want.
George will pen the first episodes.
You see where this can lead a certain debate?
Well, don't even think about it. :)

Aren't we lucky. In the next few years, we'll basically get more of Battlestar Galactica, then its spin off based on Caprica more than 40 years ago, more of Stargate, with the strong possibility of a TV film (before they return to the big screen), and then, StarWars.
That's not counting all the scifi anime stuff.