Oh Please No

Oh my.

Plenty of thoughts come after seeing 'the horror, the horror'.

For instance:

- I hope he simply lost a bet. A massive, massive bet.
- I'm really quite glad I missed Celebration IV.
- Trekkies may go to conventions at which they dress funny, but I've never seen one cross-dress-funny.
- Add this to the list from this old post.


Anonymous said...


My eyes!!!!!! The image was loading and I saw from head to crotch!!!!!!!!! Someone burn my eyes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You don't normally see fan fervor this ardent outside of an anime convention (see Sailor Bubba). I wonder if any male Trekkies fitting his description ever tried on the Orion Slave Girl uniform. William Ware Theiss would spin in his grave.

Author said...

William Ware Theiss gave us the skant uniform for men in the TNG era.

I daresay he might even prefer to see a green dude prancing about scantily-clad.

Ilithi Dragon said...

Why Trek is better than Wars, the ultimate trump card...

Author said...

What, that Trek's transvestite costuming appears on-camera instead of on the internet? :P

Anonymous said...

That's some disturbing shit right there but unless he tried to attend jury duty in that outfit Trekkies still hold the first place in insanity department. :)

Author said...

Umm . . . what?

I heard the story of some lady showing up in her Trek uniform in order to get out of jury duty. That's not insane . . . that's Maxwell Klinger.

I'm sure others have emulated her, but if you're suggesting that there's a story of someone actually wearing the uniform seriously, I'd like to hear it so I can agree with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you never watched "Trekkies".
A woman named Barbara Adams, who introduces herself as Captain of the starship Artemis or something to that effect, insisted on wearing her starfleet uniform while attending jury duty.
There is more in this article:

Of course now that I've mentioned "Trekkies" I should note that she is nothing compared to the lunatic who, after hearing John Lancie had the flu, took the glass of water the actor was drinking and drank it himself in order to get the "Q fever". You really should watch the film though there is a lot more where that came from.

Author said...

Don't tell me you never watched "Trekkies".

I will not tell you that I've never watched "Trekkies". But I also won't lie to you and say that I have. :)

I therefore concede the existence of the related datapoints . . . though with the Q one I'm sure rock stars and other non-sci-fi types have received similarly odd treatment of their germs, sweat, et cetera.

The main point, as suggested in my response to illithi and the "Haughty" blog post linked to, is that both Trek and Wars spawn/attract freaking weird fans sometimes. When comparing a dude in a Leia costume and a lady in a Trek uniform and this guy and so on, I don't really think you can say one is weirder than another.

They're all damn peculiar, and relative rankings are only an attempt to split hairs. But on the goodside, they're all mostly harmless.