Phoenix "EDL"

Tomorrow this happens. Due to the more massive nature of the lander the old Pathfinder airbag system isn't useful, so the Phoenix Mars Lander must use heat shield, chute, and retro landing rockets.

Gotta hand it to NASA. Not only is the lander going to do its thing (we trust), but in addition they have a pretty good PR team doing their little filmmaking efforts.

("Give me your most attractive Phoenix team members, the director from the Bourne movies or someone who can fake it, and some of the CGI guys from Foundation Imaging or nearby, stat!")

EDIT: Nailed it! Good job NASA!

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Anonymous said...

Well, as of last I looked the entire landing appeared to be a success. ^_^ On the plus side, that means more science to look forward to and the potential to find life on mars!

On the downside, I lost five bucks.