While the canon issue stuff is best discussed over at canonwars.com, I can't help but take a moment to ponder something funny here, where the Funny SDN News goes.

You see, our old selectively-EU-phile friends from SDN have recently discovered and been discussing an LA Times Lucas interview from May, some 3 months ago. It's old news, but they're apparently just finding it, right?

Or, is it that the quote they're referencing is a fairly safe one to deal with? It's not like some of the other quotes from Lucas this year that devastate their position (even moreso than it already has been). It's more generic.

Either way they're out of touch, and instead of disagreeing with and debating creators of and experts on canon, they ought to simply defer to them. But I guess that's almost the definition of "belligerently uninformed", so I guess I ask too much of them.

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