Main Site Update

From the main site update list:

"I was reminded recently that I have made no noteworthy changes to the site in, oh, over a year now. So, I've been trying to do a little better. I had once been pondering a massive reworking of the site to make use of some of the newer site-construction technologies that would allow a huge number of features and easy updating. However, I reached a bit of a halt when it came to the idea of wanting to convert all the pages over to new scripting and such. So, for the time being things remain as they are. I have, however, done a little bit of rearranging on this page, which hopefully smooths things out a bit, as well as converting to the use of a Creative Commons license. It's hardly a relevant change, but I like it better."

As for the re-arranging, I've basically just moved a few things about. The feedback and links area that used to inhabit the bottom of the page has been tightened up so it's now part of the Errata in the Articles section, along with the legal disclaimer.

Some old stuff has been moved into section pages, such as the Debates and Site Attack Responses area and some of the reviews and episode-specific analysis stuff.

I've also just graduated a few things from the Tech Archives into the main pages, such as the SW Orders of Magnitude page and the Taylor novel research, which is now part of the aforementioned Reviews and Episode Analyses section.


Ilithi Dragon said...



<.< Waaaaaaitaminute...


Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

} ; = 8 P

Peteman said...

Are you gonna change the AT-ST page to acknowledge that AT-STs are scouts by your definition due to the RotJ Radio Play?

Author said...

No, nor am I comprehending the confusion of ideas that would produce such a question.

Peteman said...

A couple years back I left a comment on your feedback button that AT-STs were referred to as "scout walkers" in the RotJ Radio Play. You made a blog post about it.

So people can try to make arguments about why they have such weak armour, nonetheless, they have been referred to as "scouts" in a canonical source.

Author said...

Here is the blog post:


. . . in which I find that, at best, you could call AT-ST's "scout tanks", which is basically just another way of saying "light tank", which itself is (of course) what I'd been saying the whole time.

I also note that I'm hardly concerned about the RotJ radio play, being so far removed from the film and script.

So to answer your original question . . . "no, nor am I comprehending the confusion of ideas that would produce such a question".