The Blog is Back

I've decided to temporarily reactivate the blog at Blogger after their FTP-kill simply because, although I tweet at @STvSW and although I post at forums like StarfleetJedi.Net, I just prefer having the ability to make longer posts that are less ephemeral than tweets, and forum posts just get lost in the clutter.

It also helped to jog my interest when some nutter posted an annoying comment on an ancient post which would never have shown up after the FTP thing.   Now that the conversion has occurred, it appears now on the old Avenger and Devastator post.  

It is still my intent to recreate the website using Drupal or similar, just to make my life easier.   Though I will note that I am also working on NoLettersHome.info since I think I finally found a way to accomplish what I've wanted to accomplish for a long while with that.  I'm actually kind of interested in doing a Trek version of it as well, though I would need to make that a community project like Memory Alpha.

Specifically, what I envisioned was having what one might call a "smarter wiki", wherein I could do a write-up of tech giblets from an episode and the various pieces of text -- say, about a hammer -- could link automatically to a page entitled "hammer" which includes the text from that episode's write-up as well as the paragraphs from any other page where I mention hammers.   In other words, a truly dynamic site where if I had written text about Separatist warships I could easily look at every reference to them.   The only real limitation on me would be making sure I compose paragraphs in such a way as to fit the multiple needs (e.g. no "regarding the last paragraph" sort of references).

This would be distinct from a Wookieepedia type site in two ways.   First, it wouldn't include all the Licensing-canon mess and would instead be solely Lucas-canon.   Second, it would be less labor-intensive, since although Wookieepedia undoubtedly has a page on hammers, it requires manual action to add a new note on the page.  And third, of course, it would be tech-focused.

I am currently testing out two possible techniques and will make a note here if and when I get a move on.

In the meantime, ST-v-SW.Net will be a little bit on the backburner, but I do eventually intend to revamp it.  I'll keep you updated.

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