STrek-v-SWars.Net Forum Saves

Turns out, I saved over 75 pages from the STrek-v-SWars forum, and here they are.

I may post some more in-depth thread reviews here later, but for now I've got some quickie-notes on the threads.

With apologies, I only saved what I was interested in, meaning they were probably threads I was involved in anyway.  Sorry for all the 'me' in them.  But, there's assorted canon stuff, some superlaser/Alderaan action (which happens to be the thread that Wayback indexed about 75 times), and the old Star Wars ship scale discussions. 

STrek-v-SWars.Net's forums sort of occupied a sweet spot that the StarfleetJedi.Net forums had for a long while, too.  See, ASVS and SDN weren't really good places for discussion or exploration of ideas, and Spacebattles was similarly afflicted (not to mention being too broad in scope).   The STrek forums had folks from both sides, and while there was still a lot of animosity, there was at least an opportunity to flesh out concepts in public forums without it necessarily turning into a flame war.  Not that there weren't some flames, but still.

SFJ is still the premiere spot for community research and such, but with opposing voices preferring to isolate themselves in proverbial echo chambers (and make up false claims of how bad SFJ is to excuse the isolation), there's not a lot of difference of opinion.  The adversarial system has certain advantages at times . . . I daresay some of my best recent work was in a thread on ASVS.org where it was me and two hardcore inflationists talking past one another.   I enjoyed myself, if nothing else.

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