QotD 2015-0103

From the comments to the recent Gizmodo article discussing Trek tech versus Wars tech we have this gem:
"As much as I enjoy this discussion, it seems clear to me that the Federation wins this fight. Why? 
Pictured is the navigational deflector, or more commonly "main deflector dish" of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It's primary purpose is to prevent particles from damaging the starship while at warp speeds, where even a tiny impact could impart catastrophic damage to the vessel. However, in practice, the main deflector can be modified in a number of ways in order to produce whatever effect the script writers happen to need at the time. Need to beam your crew of a planet, but there's an anti-neutrino storm preventing transporter activity? Use the deflector dish to beam a stream of neutrinos to counteract the field.

In other words, the f***ing thing is magic, and the Federation has them. I've seen the real power in the universe, and it ain't the Death Star, and it sure ain't the Force. It's this thing. "
"Sammy baby" comment, 2014-1229


RedShirt said...

Or in other words...

Guardian said...

Nice. Been awhile since I heard that, and it is so true.