Real Aircraft Belly Landings

Just mentally comparing here the low-velocity, tangential-angle crashes with planets seen in Generations, "Jedi Crash", or the Rako Hardeen arc of TCW with some real world examples.

First up, a test of an F-16, one of the smallest modern fighter jets at 15m:


The wing wobble has always struck me as interesting.  Given recent reports of cracks developing near the cockpit on F-16s, that might be worth reviewing, too.  Next, one of the largest, the 22.4m F-111, with story:


A Lear-style corporate jet:


A badass partial-gear landing of an almost-24m P-2V:


And a 767, which at 55m (+/- 7 depending on model) is rather larger.


And one more:


Of course, these haven't involved collisions with anything.  That may not go as well.  In the first case they throw everything but the kitchen sink at this poor bird:


Here is a sideways drifting slide where the plane holds up well until engine and fuel tanks are forcibly penetrated: 


Here is a cleaner view:


Were it not for the gnarly wing cutters, the plane's structure would've done a pretty fair job of holding up, despite the mean sharp rocks they landed on, and the landing on the port wing.

Also, collisions can go quite well . . . we don't get much about this collision.  I'm just including it here because it is badass.


Overall, the moral of the story is that our lightly built modern aircraft are highly resilient, if even a tad flexible under interesting loads.  That's actually helpful.  Too much rigidity can be bad for your health . . . and you can insert your own joke now.


Blank said...

Wouldn't it make sense for you to have posted clips of the crashes from Timeless, Generations, "Jedi Crash", and the Rako Hardeen arc of TCW?

Guardian said...

Picky, picky, picky. ;-)

The blog is a less formal environment, but someday I'll put out a different cut with the extras, followed by a revised version, and eventually a Special Edition jam-packed with calculations of forces on all the objects, and then I'll revise that once or twice more until I can sell the place to, ironically, go work on more blogging.

Guardian said...

Ah, found it. There was one more I remembered but couldn't locate previously:


The B-1 on her nose results in visible bending of the slender airframe.

Blank said...

Star Trek: Generations (4/8) Movie CLIP - The Enterprise Crashes (1994) HD

The destruction and crash of the USS Enterprise d

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Obi Wan & Anakin vs General Grevious

I wish Star Wars fans were as organized as Star Trek Fans. It's hard tpo fnd good Star Wars anything on the net.

Guardian said...

No video, just something fun to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider