O N03$, h4x0r$!!

("1-Bammer-12, 1-Bammer-12, proceed to BFE to investigate a report of a Signal 404.  Possible mental instability on scene.")

I've had a lot of distractions of late, most notably being Pluto on Twitter, so haven't paid Brian Young much attention.  This has apparently caused him to have some sort of episode, as Brian now claims that nefarious evildoers are trying to hack his site to silence him, and he has his local Alabama PD on the case!

Makes perfect sense, of course.  With every video he's ever made only existing at the SciFights site, its hacking would destroy his work forever, because, I mean, seriously, who keeps backups?  And it isn't like he's also on Youtube or anything.  Maybe Young should start posting to Youtube as a backup plan.

Anyway, the link to his claim is http :// youtube.c  ... hey, waitaminute!  What the hell?  That IS Youtube!

So what possible purpose could be served in a Vs.-Debate-related sense by hacking SciFights?  None at all that I can see.  So the question is not "who'd be dumb enough to do it?" ... the question is "who'd be dumb enough to claim it?"

This is especially true when his evidence is someone trying to hit FCKeditor URLs, which is to advanced personal hacking as cold calls from "John" at the Windows Server Room are to advanced personal telephone scamming, or Nigerian fortunes to advanced personal e-mail scamming, et cetera.  My site has been subject to many attempted nefarious maneuvers over the years, plus a successful one or two (e.g. the hack noted in the comments of this 2007 post), but I never had the slightest suspicion in most cases that it was anything more than random script kiddy/Chinese/Russian-Kaspersky-advertiser hack attempts.

Thanks to Young, though, I see now that I was wrong all along ... I was supposed to be completely, insanely paranoid.  And y'know, I also get telemarketer and scammer calls sometimes, too (e.g. "John" reacts most amusingly when all the "errors" in Event Viewer turn out to be pictures of his mom) ... but I suppose that I haven't been paranoid enough about such things.

After all, in a Youngian reality, those have been my opponents trying to hack me all along, eh?

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