QotD 2015-0707: Synthelard

While searching for something else, I found an ASVS post of mine from May 2000.  Someone was talking about easy living in the Federation, and someone else suggested avoiding the result.  Then I chime in:
>> That or hook a replicator up to a big solar panel and eat ice cream and
>> chocolate all day.
>Just make sure to run the exercise programs, or you'd be a blimp 
Nah, he wouldn't have to exercise.  If they have Synthehol
instead of alcohol, they could probably have Synthelard.
Ironically, Olestra already existed at this point, which very nearly qualifies!  Sadly, my alternate name for it never took off.  ;-)

More importantly, where is my synthehol, anyway?   They were working on it.  It should go over a lot better than Olestra did with its side effects... after all, it isn't like drinking doesn't already have plenty of side effects, some identical.   The diarrhea is referred to as "whiskey s**ts", and abdominal cramping is matched by months of abdominal pain due to unplanned offspring.

Heck, Olestra was tame ... no table dancing, puking, hangovers, or gnawed-off arms ever resulted from a bag of Olean chips.

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