The Fail of Blogger

Blogger is horrible. While trying to recover my work when it randomly ate all my formatting and links on what had grown into an almost-complete, research-and-math-heavy post, it decided to eat my entire post instead.  Because Blogger sucks, this loss was unrecoverable.  My apologies for the reduction in quality caused by Blogger's epic failure to do its one job.


Sonofccn said...

If I may ask, what was the post going to be about?

-Respectfully, Sonofccn

Guardian said...

I was replying with a paragraph fully spoiling the post, and then the comment window disappeared. It ate my comment! Ugh. I'm gonna have to post exclusively via Notepad pastings.

Anywho, Stormtrooper accuracy stats and aiming techniques (or lack thereof).

Sonofccn said...

Ah. Thank you. I'll be looking forward if/when blogger let's you actually post it.

Sorry you lost your reply on top of everything else.

-Respectfully, Sonofccn