The Blog of the Vs. Debate

I'd been pondering a weblog for the site for quite some time. I first started to really notice them around the same time CBS did . . . the 2004 elections in the U.S. and the forged document debacle known as Rathergate. Lately, I've also been following Groklaw.net. For those who don't know, that's a blog which is an excellent source of info regarding the many lawsuits of SCO, a small crappy company which seems to be of the opinion that the entire free world owes it money, especially (but not exclusively) those parts of the free world which use Linux.

But, I digress . . .

I realized that this might be a good tool to have here at ST-v-SW.Net. There have been dozens of little things . . . observations I've had, links I wanted to share, et cetera . . . that warranted a quick note, but would take too long to make a full page or page update out of. And, there have been occasions where I've e-mailed myself something to make note of later only to never get back around to it.

Incidentally, this should make those who deserved but never received replies to their feedback feel somewhat better . . . not only did I not reply to you, but I often don't even take care of my messages to myself!

But I digress, again . . .

My webhosts provide some blogging tools for free, but all of their tools required a MySQL database. Mine is currently housing the old forum experiment from 2004, and the hosts don't have things configured so that I could automatically set up the two to share a database. And, because I strongly feel that MySQL is the world's most efficient headache-producing agent the world has ever known, I certainly wasn't going to try to make that happen manually.

So, I was left with deleting the forum, but I didn't want to delete the old forum posts before backing them up. However, backing it up would be a pain in the butt, and so I procrastinated. Then, I promptly procrastinated some more. I then repeated this procedure several times.

We see here indications as to why I don't update the site more frequently. It's all based on a painstaking calculation of whether the pleasure of the hobby outweighs the headaches and can override the hobby procrastination factor. (I'm sure there's a way to make a mathematical equation out of that, but it would take too long and cause too much headache to make one up. )

And so the blog idea was going to have to wait until the procrastinatory period ended . . . that is, until I found out a couple of weeks ago that blogger.com would take care of the troubles for me. a short period of procrastination later, and here we are.

We'll see how this all works out . . . I hope we both enjoy my experiment.