Progress Report

Still working on the RoTS Lesser Canon project. But, progress was briefly halted when, during a random visit to a used bookstore, I found Jeri Taylor's Mosaic. I already had the other canon novel Pathways, so that little mini-collection was completed.

Naturally, I had to read it. Between my limited time and the lesser skill novel-wise of Taylor compared to, say, Stover, it took several days. The story is so-so, but it contains a few interesting tidbits, mostly chronological.

In any case, I was once working on an analysis of Pathways much like the one being done for the RoTS novel. I have to say, such work is rather tedious. But, I'll get them both complete.

(After all, a few quite interesting things have come from such tedium . . . for instance, this page on Setlik III grew out of an overall look at the Cardassian conflict, which was a project spawned by data from Pathways. And, I'm working on a rough timeline of Star Wars based on correlated data from the canon.

(Trouble is, I think I'll have to revisit the Setlik III article. Mosaic might push back some of the Cardassian fighting, though I'll have to check to be sure.))