Equinox Notes

Just a couple of random observations while watching "Equinox" . . .

1.  Voyager arrives near the coordinates indicated by the Equinox distress signal, drops out of warp, and the ship is 2000 kilometers away.  Janeway orders intercept.  As they approach and discuss the ship for a few seconds, Kim finally notes that "we're in hailing range".



A.  Kim is quietly suggesting they quit speculating in a vacuum, or simply that he's excited to hear from them.
B.  Their assessment of the ship's damage indicated that only a particular receiver or some such other unit was functioning, thus limiting the Equinox capacity to pick up signals.
C.  Voyager proves supremely limited comm signal range despite all other evidence showing interplanetary ranges even without relay stations.  Literally, relay stations would have to be placed every 2000km or so if this is true.

I figure it's B, or perhaps A.   Rabidly anti-Trek folks will no doubt conclude that the correct answer is C.

2.  While on the Equinox, Neelix taps his combadge and says "Neelix to Sickbay", at which point Voyager's doctor answers normally. 

Damn psychic combadges again . . .

3.  Cutie says "but we're the only humans in the Delta Quadrant."   Chakotay notes that they'd thought so too until just a little while ago.  It's a proper response.  But that brings us to the point that if we were to see "The 37's" in
flashback form after Equinox, somebody would probably complain about
Chakotay's line.

That's partially okay, too, I guess, but it wasn't really relevant to the conversation at that moment. 

4.  The guy playing Noah Lessik would later play a Cylon.  But he's equally creepy here without even trying.

Ah well, no time to finish the episode.  Maybe more later.

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