ISD Width Ruminations

The ISD model for Episode IV and the one made for Episode V (commonly referred to as the Devastator model and the Avenger model, respectively) have differing proportions in addition to different detail work.

On this page, you can see images linked to above the text "Ventral views of the Devastator".  Most everyone seems to use the first image for width, which is odd since the model is missing pieces and has odd shadows and whatnot.  Also odd is that the first image shows a model that is too wide, her width some 63.26% of her length.  This is the source of the width estimates of around 1015 meters.

The second and third images (the blueprints and a model shot) seem to agree on a ship around 915 meters wide, or 56.74%.  This is especially interesting given that the model shot shows the finished model and makes clear that one or the other image is reversed between this shot and the 1015 shot.

The Avenger, meanwhile, is noted as being not as wide, proportionately.  This is probably why, based on TESB scenes, I once obtained a value of around 815 meters for the width of the Star Destroyer (811 actually, but everyone else seems to end on 15 so why not me, too?).  That would be 50.72%.

However, the EU reports 885 meters (55% even), and though some deride this value it may be accurate.

Anyway, all this came about because I discovered that apparently, the old LightWave ISD previously used to derive a volume estimate apparently had some sort of issue.  As such, I think the old volume value on the Volumetrics page was about 40% too low.  Confirming this for sure with a new model and via other means is taking some time (nobody seems to make a leak-proof ISD model), but I'm very close.

(Initially, the new model's width was some off-the-wall figure, and it was only in checking around for the correct width that I was reminded of the whole ISD width debacle which you now know of, too.)

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