Volume Bender Over

Okay, no more volume stuff for me for a little while.  Cleaning out models to get volumes has killed it for me for right now.  Besides which, I've got pretty much every Trek ship of note and most relevant Wars vessels.

Also, the .off format is exportable by 3D Object Converter and importable by Blender, which of course can then export to LightWave or .3ds that SketchUp can then import.  Just an FYI . . . that was how I had to get the Republic Light Cruiser from an Empire At War mod (which uses something called Alamo .alo files I'd never heard of). 

Special thanks to Blender.org through all of this, since Blender can import just about anything but evil proprietary .Max files . . . that's how I got the Sydney Class out of Armada 2 (thanks Dragon for mentioning it!).

I still have some Star Wars fighters and whatnot to do, as well as more work with Trek shuttles.  I have them all sitting on the drive, but I've been way too obsessed with this stuff lately for my own good, so I'm dropping it for now.

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